Fawns and Folios

May 17, 2013 § 12 Comments

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I love the beautiful dappled coat new fawns have and how cleverly they blend into the undergrowth. Nature is amazing isn’t it.  And wonderfully inspiring. Especially when you have a Gocco machine that is hungry for more.

Truth be known my Sleepy Fawn isn’t all that new. You might remember this work-in-progress post. But all finished I figured he might be new to you. And he has an important job to help me point out something else – My shiny new online portfolio which is now sitting happily in the sliding menu. It’s where you can see all four curled up critters in my Sleepy series. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally get that folio online. Lets just say it’s been a long wait. Getting things done, now that calls for a celebration.
That is after I wake everyone up.

Top Image | Spring fawn hiding in the grass by Lewislbi | Such a lovely image and such a lucky photographer!

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§ 12 Responses to Fawns and Folios

  • This is such a great, up-close picture of the deer. I love how I can see all of the beauty it has to offer.

  • Shelbyville says:

    Beautiful Gocco work Alisa! I just adore the ‘sleepy’ animals series you’ve created :) I still treasure my amazingly beautiful fox cards!
    Congrats on the huge achievement of getting that online folio sorted – I personally know what a massive project that can be, and congrats are definitely in order! Hope it leads to an absolute FLOOD of illustrative commissions for you now…!

  • Shelbyville says:

    Oh, and I MUST tell you immediately – you HAVE to change ‘stationary’ to the correct spelling: STATIONERY…!! I was taught in primary school that you can remember the spelling by thinking ‘a stationer sells stationery’, and I still recall it almost 3 decades later!

  • What a great collection! You’ve gotten it just right. :)

  • Jesse says:

    The sleepy creatures all look lovely together. I’m astounded once again by your colours – they capture a mood so perfectly!

  • Alisa says:

    Thanks Gretchen! Thanks Jesse! :-)

  • catfromraspberryrainbow says:

    I love all you do, Alisa, you are so talented. Your online portfolio is gorgeous, I especially love the sleepy critters.
    Cat xox

  • mehall92 says:

    Hi Alisa! (why do I keep forgetting to check out your brilliant blog?? SO much good stuff in it!!)
    This sleepy series is just beautiful – especially the fawn – the colours are so lovely…
    And now I’ve browsed through your portfolio – I am very impressed. You are so talented!!!!
    I LOVE the studies of the little daschund – such great movement…

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